• GloParade!

    Fire Balls and Glowing Art Cars light up Houston's New Year's Eve GloParade
  • Art Cars!

    Illuminated and Fire Breathing Art Cars are quintessentially Houston!             
  • Performances!

    CrackleHeads and Fire Dancers add the sizzle!  
  • Fire!

    Spark up your event with Fire-breathing Art Cars and Fire Dancers
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Love it?? Learn It!!

Did you love what you saw at the Glow at the Silo - Fire Dancers - Light Spinners - CrackerHats - Aerial - Flow Artists?  Want to learn those tricks?  You're in luck!  ArtX and TXRX Labs have partnered to open the Arts Lab where you can learn all this and more.  Check out the classes and workshops - www.txrx.abs.org/classes/

ArtX News

Art and performance classes are here!

We've partnered with TX/RX to offer classes in both traditional and unique techniques - classes you won't find anywhere else! You can learn to spin poi and muscle dance; create a replica of your own head to make form-fitting masks, face appliances and costumes; build a crazy-, art-, or tall-bike; print on fabric and sew; create ceramics; paint with any medium; carve wax and cast.
Learn more at txrxlabs.org.

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Workshops at TxRx

If you can imagine it, you can learn how to make it at the Labs! Register at txrxlabs.org/classes

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About Us

ArtX (formerly Art Cars of Houston) was founded by art car artists to inspire new art car builders and artists through education, workshops and it's premier program - GlowOrama - a celebration of the convergence of art and technology.  ArtX is 100% volunteer run and all funds support artists and programs.


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