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inspiration! The group agrees on the inspirational structure
Vehicle! The base vehicle is chosen and delivered
Blueprint! Robert engineers the concept
And So it Begins...
And So it Begins... Cutting, Grinding, Torching - Deconstruction is fun!
Demolition completes!
Demolition completes! She's stripped down and ready to rise!
She's Running....
She's Running.... Engine turns over and runs with a little help from her friends - Jim & Jeff.
...And She's Rolling!
...And She's Rolling! Zack puts on her shiny new shoes!
Platform Framing
Platform Framing Jen & Katy grind and sand to prep the frame for the wood base.
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Measure Twice, Cut Once Kathleen & Katy prepare the tongue and groove platform wood
Safety First!
Safety First! Eli looks on and learns the first step for metal working skills
Teens Practice Welding
Teens Practice Welding Tiers and Panels begin construction
Top Tier Placed!
Top Tier Placed! ... and ready for lift
Plasma-Cutting Panels
Plasma-Cutting Panels Creating panels and learning new tools
Panels Up!
Panels Up! We called in an expert welder to make strong final welds affixing the side panels onto the platform.
Arches are Framed
Arches are Framed side arches are going up
Arches Up!
Arches Up! Middle arches are ready to be welded into place!