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Arches Up!
Arches Up! Middle arches are ready to be welded into place!
Mid Tier Rises!
Mid Tier Rises! Testing lift and setting locking pin placement
Third Tier Placed!
Third Tier Placed! The third tier is fitted and placed on top
Fire Plumbing!
Fire Plumbing! She's getting plumbed for fire
Fire!! And Kenny successfully gets her fired up!
Creatives at Work
Creatives at Work Handcrafted retablos and veladoras will be gifted from the TempleTrip
A New Engine!
A New Engine! After bogging down her original engine, She gets a shiny new-old stock engine
Her Interior Paint Glows!
Her Interior Paint Glows! Her interior gets a glowing coat of hammered copper paint.
Her Arches are Designed & Cut
Her Arches are Designed & Cut Freestanding arches are designed and drawn by Lisa and plasma cut by Kathleen, Evelyn & Shannon
Patinas are Tested and Chosen
Patinas are Tested and Chosen bronze and copper patinas are mixed and tested for TempleTrip's exterior.
She arrives at Burning Man
She arrives at Burning Man TempleTrip arrives at Burning Man and is set up with her candleabras and panels
Arches Close Up!
Arches Close Up! Close-up view of plasma-cut Arch designs. Flame throwers sit atop tower.
Her First Dust Storm!
Her First Dust Storm! TempleTrip survives a dust storm - AFTER being towed back to camp!
She Glows at Luminaria
She Glows at Luminaria TempleTrip was invited to Show and Glow at LuminariaSA, San Antonio's illuminated arts event.
VIP view of TempleTrip
VIP view of TempleTrip VIPs had a clear view of TempleTrip and her fire-power from a balcony just inside the Market Street Entrance.